February 1, 2010

All tarted up

Yummm. This was my first attempt at lemon bars. In fact, the first lemon bar that I ever had was the lemon bar that Elisa makes (described below). Also yum. I never knew it, but I love the occasional lemon bar. That intensity of color, flavor, impact! Wowwee wow.

Now, having said all that. I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray into lemon bardom. But despite Tartine's fame as a fabulous bakery, I still think I could do better. First of all, I believe that the ratio of lemon filling to crust is too high. I would cut back on the filling and double the crust. Speaking of crust, I did include pine nuts in mine; next time, I will cut them up into little bits (not quite ground up), toast them a little and disperse the tasty nuttiness throughout the dough.

And, well, I would definitely give this another go... as soon as I have a hankering for a sweet, tart treat.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! oh, and I had one of yours before I made mine so I feel like cheated (grinding my pine nuts up before adding them to the crust). I seem to bake them in spurts too - they are a nice punch of lemon every now and then!