April 30, 2010

Tart...not Tart

I decided to try Dorie Greenspan’s Traditional Fruit Tart for April’s baking adventure. I’ve wanted to make a fruit tart similar to this for some time, so this month’s recipe was the perfect opportunity. I had a busy work week, so I made the tart over two days and that was the perfect solution. I thought I followed the recipe pretty closely, but inexperience resulted in a tart that was delicious but a custard that was not firm enough. My custard was runny. I should have let it thicken. I suspect that I either didn’t cook it over a high enough heat or I should have cooked it for a longer time. I’ll watch out for this when I make this again! The crust was similar to a pate sucre – which is a nice match for the tart. I'll experiment with the recipe for the crust next time I try this.

This is a great recipe for the busy person. I found it very manageable to make the crust and the custard one day and assemble the tart the following day. Hence - perfect for entertaining! I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make the tart look “pretty”. I would like to work on this some more, but berries in of themselves are beautiful – so no need to stress there. It’ll look great. So I will try this again, at my next dinner party? And by the way, the family enjoyed it. They were delighted with the look of the tart...it impressed the Philistines at my house. The only negative comment was, “The tart isn’t very tart…”

1 comment:

  1. It does look very elegant indeed.

    I decided not to make that one, as S has never been a huge fan of custard in tarts.......however fruity!