April 30, 2011

It was a glorious day in the heartland. Cool breeze, sunny and the smell of the garden soil and fresh mowed grass. But, the kitchen beckoned, since I needed to throw together a chocolate marble cheesecake for next weeks festivities. I am convinced that cheesecakes really are an easy accomplishment as long as you don't overcook them. This one turned out to be not very marbled though because I took too long setting up for the photographs. The chocolate dollops cooled too much to be pulled into ribbons when I cut the knife through the batter. But, the chocolate sour cream frosting covered all imperfections. Another bonus in making cheesecakes for special occasions is that you can just pop them back into the springform pan, cover with foil and refrigerate...they will hold perfectly for at least a week. I will be making two more later this week since we are expecting ~ 100 people. Will serve with a tart cherry sauce on the side.

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