March 2, 2010

We Heart Cookies...

When I saw February’s recipe I immediately thought of December…and the sour cream cookies I didn’t get to. It seemed like a fine way to mitigate a busy schedule and still get some baking done. I made the cookies right before making the trek to Lake Tahoe to ski. Instead of cutting out Christmas trees, stockings, and stars, I cut out hearts – for Valentines Day! The cookies kind of grew on me. They are not very sweet on their own and the dough was stiff. The stiffness of the dough made for a thicker cookie – which I thought was a plus. The frosting was yummy – and since the cookie on its own was not too sweet, a nice addition. We all enjoyed the cookies – they added a sweet touch to our ski weekend.


  1. These look great - am hoping to make them soon

  2. you should make them soon Matt, they are so good! (thanks Laura) and Elisa, glad you were able to make the cookies instead of the croissant - I feel that most of us wimped out!