March 1, 2010


I was prepared to crash and burn on this one. The recipe was looked so complicated, there were so many steps, so much folding... so much deliciousness.

These came out so well, my husband and I oohed and ahhed, we mmmed and ughhhhed. I am almost too impressed with myself. It's just another one of those recipes that, in the end I can't believe I actually made from a little flour, milk and butter.

I did have one tiny casualty though... feel free to read about that on The Maiden Metallurgist.


  1. Am very impressed by these _ I confess I do feel very daunted by this recipe.....
    and a bit fat too......... to eat so much butter....

  2. nice work, glad you finally got to try them out!

  3. Hey Matt, I was intimidated too, but even though the croissants took all day to make, they spent most of that time chilling in the fridge. It was a lot easier than it looked. As for the butter, This recipe makes 24 croissants (I froze 2/3 of the dough for a later date); I did a nutritional analysis, and each croissant has 130 calories- that's the same as 2 slices of bread. I used my croissants for sandwiches for lunch.

  4. great to know! The French consume so much butter and they are still kickin' it. As long as you don't eat croissants for each meal of the day I'm sure you will be fine. A wise phrase from my mom in law "everything in moderation..."